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IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Blog Post No.7 (02/10/2019) - Ernste Unternehmen

12:15 - I enter into the IHK lobby and bounce between a few receptionists for different departments. I am waiting for one Herr Leo Csuraji who I am scheduled to meet with today to start my new internship. I have my best suit on (read; the only one I have here in Germany) and an Aldi bag full of notebooks, pens, pencils and documents at my feet while I wait in the Lobby.

12:30 - After a few minutes of butterflies and watch-checking, Herr Csuraji walks in. I struggle to pronounce his name as we exchange greetings. He is dressed casually and must be coming back from lunch break with his Mittagessen in hand. He seems quite warm and friendly and walks me up to our office, which is on the sixth floor (seventh floor by American standards).

IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg, where I am now working twice a week

12:45 - After being introduced to my colleagues and our open office space, he directs me to a conference room on the side. As he gathers the necessary forms, I furiously scrawl down notes. Our orientation begins soon after.

1:15 - Having signed the necessary documents, passed over our weekly schedule and the general mission of the company I am introduced to Herr Jan Pechinger, who will finish my orientation.

2:00 - Jan finishes the rest of the orientation in English, which I know isn’t good for my German but is a great relief on the first day. He elaborates on the general structure of the company, the various purposes various departments serve and ends this section with a tour of the magnificent building. Although externally very old-Hanseatic Backstein, the building is a very chic and modern open space connected through a grand spiral staircase. I am introduced to several other coworkers, including the tech department. I promptly forget all of their names (sorry!).

2:15 - Jan and I now review the mandatory orientation power points and after some points of procedure, we can finally get down to brass tacks. What will I be doing in this grand scheme?

2:30 - The answer is pretty simple, but difficult to explain here because of our confidentiality agreement. Long story short I am working in the Exterior Economy Department as a sort of consultant on American trade. I will be tasked with the research, preparation and editing of documents and called upon for issues regarding several public forums we will be hosting.

3:00 - Already I have my head buried in several documents. There’s a free desk and I feel quite empowered to have my words in public print. I am reviewing some research and pulling on all the information I ever learned in my Global Economics Class.

4:00 - I have overstayed my shift by an hour, hard at work on these new drafts I have just started. I pass Herr Csuraji the documents I need signed on my end of things and end my shift with a smile. They have given me the weekend off for Oktoberfest and I think I have represented USAC and the United States well. I have much to look forward and I don’t just mean Oktoberfest.

Dressed up after I got back from work

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