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The Native

Blog Post 24. (05/11/2022) – The “What” and “How” of working as an English Teaching Assistant in a quaint Saxon village, as well as a...


Blog Post 23. (19/09/2022) - An account of my first few weeks in the Fürstenstadt Dresden, which proved to be as chaotic as it was...


Bound for Europe again, I'll be leaving the United States behind for three years to pursue a Fulbright in Dresden, Germany.


Blog Post 20. (9/30/2021) - Part Teacher, Part Coach, Part Pirate - all parts Waldseebetreur, some of my experiences as a 2021 counselor...


Blog Post No 12. (09/11/2019) - Gedenkstatte Kz Neuengamme We cannot afford to overlook the tragedies and atrocities authored while...

This Way to Narnia

I visit the English city of Oxford with a goal in mind. I am to find the legendary pub "The Eagle and the Child" where the Inklings met.


Blog Post No. 10 (26/10/2019) - Point of Departure Bremenhaven has been a gateway to the new world for nearly 200 years, the...


Oktoberfest... the culmination of Bavarian fall spirit at the epicenter of the German cultural apparatus... at long last!

The City of Walls

When my mother visited Berlin in 1989, it was a symbol of divided Europe. 30 years later, I tour the city to see what it stands for now.

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